DC Origins (Set) Edit

DC Origins is the second VS System booster set released by Upped Deck. It is based on the origins and early events of the DC Universe.The set contains 165 cards.Teams in the set include Gotham Knights,Arkham Inmates,Leauge of Assassins,and Teen Titans.Including the previously listed,this set introduces the Fearsome Five and Deathstroke Affiliations.It also introduces three new game mechanics:Boost,Loyalty and Transferable.The most notable characters in the set are Batman,The Joker,Superman,and others.

Notable Features Edit

This set introduces three new mechanics of gameplay.They are as follows:

Boost: This is an added cost to play a card.Paying the cost is optional,however if you do pay the cost,you can use the effect written after the keyword Boost.

Loyalty: This means that in order to recruit the card with Loyalty,you must already control a card with the same Team Affiliation.

Transferable: This means that, unlike other Equipment cards,the card with Transferable can be taken from one character and placed on another.You can only use these powers at the start of the Formation Step.

Notable cards in the set include Break You,which lets a player discard up to three cards and give one Character +2 ATK for each card,and Alfred Pennyworth.

Set List Edit

DOR-001: Alfred Pennyworth: Faithful Friend
DOR-002: Azrael: Jean Paul Valley
DOR-003: Barbara Gordon*Oracle: Information Network
DOR-004: Batman: Caped Crusader
DOR-005: Batman: The Dark Knight
DOR-006: Batman: World's Greatest Detective
DOR-007: Cassandra Cain*Batgirl: Martial Artist
DOR-008: Catwoman: Selina Kyle
DOR-009: Commissioner Gordon: James Gordon
DOR-010: Dick Grayson*Nightwing: High-Flying Acrobat
DOR-011: Dick Grayson*Nightwing: Defender of Blüdhaven
DOR-012: Dick Grayson*Robin: Sidekick
DOR-013: Dinah Laurel Lance*Black Canary: Canary Cry
DOR-014: GCPD Officer: Army
DOR-015: Harvey Bullock: GCPD Detective
DOR-016: Huntress: Helena Rosa Bertinelli
DOR-017: Lady Shiva: Sandra Woosan
DOR-018: Lucius Fox: Wayne Enterprises Executive
DOR-019: Spoiler: Stephanie Brown
DOR-020: SuperMan: Big Blue Boy Scout
DOR-021: Tim Drake*Robin: The Boy Wonder
DOR-022: Batarang
DOR-023: BatCave
DOR-024: Batmobile
DOR-025: Batplane
DOR-026: Bat-Signal
DOR-027: Clocktower
DOR-028: Dynamic Duo
DOR-029: Fizzle
DOR-030: GCPD Headquarters
DOR-031: Utility Belt
DOR-032: Wayne Enterprises
DOR-033: Wayne Manor
DOR-034: Bart Allen*Kid Flash: Speedster
DOR-035: Beast Boy: Garfield Logan
DOR-036: Cassie Sandsmark*Wonder Girl: Zeus's Chosen
DOR-037: Connor Kent*Superboy: Tactile Telekinetic
DOR-038: Dick Grayson*Nightwing: Titans Leader
DOR-039: Donna Troy*Wonder Girl: Amazon Warrior
DOR-040: Dawn Granger*Dove: Agent of Order
DOR-041: Garth*Tempest: Atlantean Sorcerer
DOR-042: Hank Hall*Hawk: Agent of Chaos
DOR-043: Kole: Kole Weathers
DOR-044: Koriand'r*Starfire: Alien Princess
DOR-045: Mirage: Miriam Delgado
DOR-046: Omen: Lilith Clay
DOR-047: Pantha: Subject X-24
DOR-048: Phantasm: Danny Chase
DOR-049: Raven: Daughter of Trigon
DOR-050: Red Star: Leonid Kovar
DOR-051: Roy Harper*Arsenal: Sharpshooter
DOR-052: Terra: Tara Markov
DOR-053: Tim Drake*Robin: Young Detective
DOR-054: Vic Stone*Cyborg: Human Machine
DOR-055: Circle Defense
DOR-056: Heroic Sacrifice
DOR-057: Liberty Island Base
DOR-058: Optitron
DOR-059: Tamaran
DOR-060: Teen Titans Go!
DOR-061: Titans Tower
DOR-062: T-Jet
DOR-063: USS Argus
DOR-064: Bane: The Man Who Broke the Bat
DOR-065: Charaxes: Drury Walker
DOR-066: Firefly: Garfield Laynns
DOR-067: Harley Quinn: Dr. Harleen Quinzel
DOR-068: Killer Croc: Waylon Jones
DOR-069: Mad Hatter: Jervis Tetch
DOR-070: Man-Bat: Dr. Robert Langstrom
DOR-071: Matt Hagen*Clayface: Man Of Clay
DOR-072: Mr.Freeze: Dr.Victor Fries
DOR-073: Mr. Zsasz: Victory Zsasz
DOR-074: Poison Ivy: Pamela Isley
DOR-075: Professor Hugo Strange: Psycho-Analyst
DOR-076: Query and Echo: Double Trouble
DOR-077: Ratcatcher: Otis Flannegan
DOR-078: Scarcrow: Professor Jonathan Crane
DOR-079: The Joker: Joker's Wild
DOR-080: The Joker: Laughing Lunatic
DOR-081: The Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime
DOR-082: The Penguin: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
DOR-083: The Riddler: Edward Nygma
DOR-084: Two-Face: Harvey Dent
DOR-085: Ventriloquist*Scarface: Arnold Wesker
DOR-086: Arkham Asylum
DOR-087: Blackgate Prison
DOR-088: Cracking the Vault
DOR-089: Fear and Confusion
DOR-090: Kidnapping
DOR-091: No Man's Land
DOR-092: Paralyzing Kiss
DOR-093: Prison Break
DOR-094: Riddle Me This
DOR-095: Rigged Elections
DOR-096: Assassin Initiate: Army
DOR-097: Bane: Ubu
DOR-098: Dr. Tzin-Tzin: Master of Hypnosis
DOR-099: Hassim: Loyal Retainer
DOR-100: Josef Witschi: Talia's Assistant
DOR-101: Kyle Abbot: Wolf in Man's Clothing
DOR-102: Lady Shiva: Master Assassin
DOR-103: Malaq: Money Man
DOR-104: Ra's al Ghul: Immortal Villain
DOR-105: Ra's al Ghul: Master Swordsman
DOR-106: Ra's al Ghul: The Demon's Head
DOR-107: Talia: Daughter of the Demon's Head
DOR-108: Thuggee: Army
DOR-109: Ubu: Ra's al Ghul's Bodyguard
DOR-110: Whisper A'Daire: Cold-Blooded Manipulator
DOR-111: Clench Virus
DOR-112: Dual Nature
DOR-113: Flying Fortress
DOR-114: Lazarus Pit
DOR-115: Mountain Stronghold
DOR-116: Remake the World
DOR-117: The Shrike
DOR-118: Tower of Babel
DOR-119: Wheel of Plagues
DOR-120: Dr.Light: Arthur Light
DOR-121: Gizmo: Mikron O'Jeneus
DOR-122: Jinx: Elemental Sorceress
DOR-123: Mammoth: Baran Flinders
DOR-124: Neutron: Nat Tryon
DOR-125: Prismon: Dr. Simon Jones
DOR-126: Shimmer: Selinda Flinders
DOR-127: The Underworld Star
DOR-128: DeathStroke the Terminator: Slade Wilson
DOR-129: Black Mask: Roman Sionis
DOR-130: Blackfire: Komand'r
DOR-131: Brother Blood: Leader of the Church of Blood
DOR-132: Ferak: Army
DOR-133: King Snake: Sir Edmund Dorrance
DOR-134: Lady Vic: Lady Elaine Marsh-Morton
DOR-135: Lightning: Travis Williams
DOR-136: Lockup: Lyle Bolton
DOR-137: The Demon: Jason Blood
DOR-138: The Demon: Etrigan
DOR-139: Thunder: Gan Williams
DOR-140: Trigon: The Terrible
DOR-141: Wildebeest: Army
DOR-142: A Death in the Family
DOR-143: Airborne Assault
DOR-144: Break You
DOR-145: Combat Reflexes
DOR-146: Concrete Jungle
DOR-147: Crossbow
DOR-148: Escrima Sticks
DOR-149: Fast Getaway
DOR-150: From the Shadows
DOR-151: Gone But Not Forgotten
DOR-152: GothCorp
DOR-153: Have a Blast!
DOR-154: Hidden Surveillance
DOR-155: Home Surgery
DOR-156: Last Laugh
DOR-157: Mega-Blast
DOR-158: Museum Heist
DOR-159: My Beloved
DOR-160: Shape Change
DOR-161: Tag Team
DOR-162: The Brave and the Bold
DOR-163: Total Anarchy
DOR-164: Twin Firearms
DOR-165: World's Finest

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