Shift is a keyword that was introduced in the Marvel Evolution expansion.

"Shift" is a keyword that represents three powers. Payment effects from these powers can't be negated by players:

 - Pay 1 or more resource points >>> Remove this card from the game shifted with that many shift counters. Use only if this card is in your hand.

 - Pay 1 resource point >>> Put a shift counter on this card. Use only if this card is shifted.

 - Remove X shift counters >>> Shift this card into play if you control X or more resources, where X is its cost. Use only during your recruit step.

- A card is "shifted" if it was removed from the game shifted and has since remained in the RFG zone. While shifted, a card gains the shift keyword if it doesn't already have it. A card stops being shifted if it changes zones.

- A shifted card can't have shift counters in excess of it's cost. A card that isn't shifted can't have any shift counters on it.

- Shifting a card into play invokes the uniqueness rule.